• The one-minute manicure

    Although you can’t tell by merely looking at it, the Sephora universal beautifier is going to become a staple in your nail polish collection. It’s true, it doesn’t look like much in the bottle. A transparent neon pink polish, what can we possibly use that for? Well, if you have to run out the door and wish to have clean, polished looking nails, it’s your best bet!

    If you’re a nail polish addict, you must have seen the launch – years ago – of the Dior nail glow. It’s a nail brightening treatment touted as an instant manicure. I wanted to try it out but the price put me off. At a whopping 28$/21£ a bottle, it’s quite expensive (at least, it’s more than I like to spend on nail products). Thankfully for our purses, Sephora’s universal beautifier is a nail glow dupe.

    As you can see, this is the #nomakeupmakeup of nail varnishes. Indeed, it gives you a polished clean look with pinker nail beds, whiter tips and all together shiny nails. The great thing is that you only need one coat to achieve this effect.

    I use it as a base for other polishes or on its own when I just want clean looking nails. It dries out quickly enabling you to apply it at the last minute, if needed. I only use one coat because I’ve noticed that when I apply more, I get a neon transparent pink finish (the color in the bottle) which I don’t care for. (It might be where it differs from the Dior nail glow.)

    The Sephora Universal beautifier retails for 7.5€ (a fourth of the price of the nail glow!) but I usually get it at around 2€ in the sales. This is the most reached for polish in my collection.

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