• About

    Hi there! I’m Gayush (yes, if you were wondering it is a name and not merely a weird sounding word; it’s actually an Armenian nickname given by my family and friends). I’ve been obsessed with beauty for a long time now. My first forays into the makeup world were a way for me to express my creative side. With hindsight, I realize that it was crucial for me to do so because, at the time, an important part of my life revolved around more analytical and Cartesian matters. Indeed, I studied law and completed two masters degrees respectively in international law and international relations. (Yes, it has nothing to do with anything I do now; oh the joys of professional sectors without much opportunities…) This can explain why some of the posts on this blog read like argumentative essays (this product does this because of Exhibit A, B…, joking!).

    I like testing beauty products and learning about skincare, makeup, hair care etc. I also love reading, eating, exercising… So, here, you will mostly find beauty related articles but also lifestyle ones, as well as posts about people/things that inspire me.

    My blog and Instagram page are written in French and English (obviously). As an aside and a word of caution, I have a tendency to write endless sentences in both languages. (My high school biology teacher used to tell me off for it, saying that I was writing really long sentences akin to Marcel Proust’s except he was at least talented!)

    Anyway, thank you for reading and enjoy!