• Violette_Fr – Boum-boum milk

    I decided to splurge on this mist as part of a birthday present last year. I usually don’t buy skincare products from makeup brands but, what can I say, I made an exception for Violette. Boum-boum milk is marketed as a three-in-one product, a toner, serum and moisturizer.

    It sits in a base of mineral-rich glacier water and anti-inflammatory fermented birch sap. It also contains humectants (glycerin) and emollients (sunflower oil, squalane) to hydrate and moisturize the skin along with soothing and antioxidant plant extracts (such as green tea and olive leaf extracts).

    The milky texture is really pleasant. It immediately hydrates and plumps the skin. I found that, in the summer, it really was a multi-tasking product as I was able to skip moisturizer. However, as soon as it became colder, I felt the need to add a cream on top and then boum-boum milk became an essence for me (which is what it is essentially).

    What makes it stand out from the usual essences though is the level of comfort it brings to the skin without being greasy. It’s actually a good pre-workout hydrator if you’re exercising after coming home from work. I find that in these instances, after cleansing my face, I like to add a bit of moisture but don’t want to do a full skincare routine. Boum-boum milk works perfectly for this purpose. I’ve also noticed its soothing properties as it helps with redness.

    All-in-all, it was a great product to use and the packaging is gorgeous which is always a plus. However, I didn’t spray it directly on my face as the mist is quite strong and I didn’t want to waste the product. Instead I sprayed the milk onto my hands before pressing it on my face.

    At 58$/100ml this is not something that I’ll repurchase regularly but I might splurge on it from time to time.


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