• Smoothie bowl | A balanced breakfast

    Browsing through Shona Vertue‘s blog, I came upon her speedy high protein yogurt bowl recipe. It’s a great balanced breakfast idea!

    Now, I was already adding protein powders in my smoothies, but somehow, I hadn’t thought to mix them with yogurts to use as a base for my breakfast bowls. The inclusion of protein is crucial because it makes you feel satiated. It means that you won’t get the dreaded energy crash around 11am.

    The key to build a balanced breakfast is to include carbs, healthy fats and protein, the macronutrients needed to fuel the body. The fruits, nuts, cereals and seeds also provide much needed fiber and essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

    Making a smoothie bowl is simple and quick. You just need to blend together your yogurt, fruit of choice and protein powder to make the base of the bowl. You then add toppings on top such as more fruits, seeds, nuts, granola, nut butters…

    Here, I’ve made a raspberry smoothie bowl. I only had frozen raspberries on hand but it was even better because it tasted like sorbet. Delicious! For the protein powder, I used my beloved Vega protein smoothie in viva vanilla. I then topped it with grated coconut, chia seeds, homemade granola and a drizzle of almond butter.

    As with breakfast bowls, you can substitute different fruits (like kiwi here) to change the flavor. I love to make smoothie bowls when I crave a sweet breakfast. I tend to alternate them with smoothies where I incorporate vegetables (more on that later).

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