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I wanted to quickly talk about the products I currently use in my shower (a bit of a boring subject perhaps). 

I first thought of this as my “hygiene” post but couldn’t go any further as I was uninspired. I think this word was too clinical and made me think of health guidelines given by the government to avoid some kind of awful disease. Anyway, shower products are part of body care and that’s how I’m going to address this topic.

I don’t have particularly fussy needs in regards to personal care. My main concern is to avoid drying products. I also pay attention to their composition and don’t just grab the first shiny bottle that grabs my attention at the drugstore (oh the good old days…). This comes back to my more natural approach in general, as I’m more mindful about the cosmetics I use now. Ingredients-wise it translates to a ban of sulfates and silicones. The former really strip the skin and scalp. Silicones, on the other hand, are clogging and can coat your hair, turning it dull and limp over time. I particularly saw a great improvement in my hair texture when I made this change (I wrote a dedicated hair care post if you’re interested).

I like French organic brand Léa Nature. The shower gel and shampoo from the Natessance range do their job and smell good (a light, fresh scent). The shampoo is gentle and repairing thanks to the inclusion of castor oil and keratin. In addition, they are affordable. I’m quite happy with these.

As for deodorants, as we all know by now, aluminum salts are the devil and want us all dead. So, I have opted for a deodorant with potassium alum from Acorelle. It is quite effective in general but it showed its weakness at the height of last summer. Basically, I could smell my body odor at the end of the day but it wasn’t offensive (so, I’m ok with that). However, I have recently read that natural potassium alum were found to be as unsafe as synthetic aluminum salts. I don’t know where that leaves us.

I had previously – briefly – transitioned to aluminum salt-free deodorants (Schmidt’s fragrance-free version) and it was even more effective than conventional ones. I was really impressed. It also screwed up my armpits over time. I sadly had to stop using it. I’ve since read a lot of similar reviews stating that the baking soda used in most natural deodorant can be extremely irritating. Seeing that, some brands have now come up with natural aluminum-and-baking soda-free deodorants (where will it end?!) that I need to try. In the meantime, I’ll stick with the one from Acorelle and I’ll update you if I find anything new and interesting.

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