• Schmidt’s – fragrance free sensitive skin deodorant

    Schmidt’s original formula is the first natural deodorant I’ve tried and also the most effective (even compared to conventional ones). Unfortunately, the baking soda was too irritating for my skin in the long term. So I had a lot of hope for their fragrance-free sensitive version.

    It’s been quite the challenge to try to use this product. I’ve had major issues with its packaging. The first one I got had a faulty twist-up mechanism. So I was only able to use it as long as I could dig into it with my fingers. The second one works but the product is so hard that you can’t twist it up unless you put it in front of the heater to melt it beforehand. There’s no point in having a practical stick packaging if it doesn’t go with the texture of the product.

    Performance-wise, it is good and doesn’t irritate my skin but it wasn’t enough during the summer. Also, it leaves the most awful white stains on clothes.

    So, it was a complete disappointment and I wouldn’t recommend it.


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