• Ren evercalm | Global protection day cream

    I felt a change in the hydration levels of my skin this year where my usual serum and oil combo simply didn’t cut it anymore. I sometimes need to add a thin layer of cream on top of everything for my skin to feel comfortable. And so I’ve played with various moisturizers this winter, one of which being the Ren Evercalm global protection day cream.

    Evercalm is Ren’s sensitive skin range where you find everything from a cleanser, serum, mask, and of course, moisturizer. I’ve always been drawn to it as it promises to balance and calm irritated skin. In line with this, the day cream is supposed to hydrate and soothe thanks to anti-inflammatory plant oils, calendula and bisabolol.

    It has a rich lotion texture, that is, it looks like a lotion but feels richer when you massage it into the skin. I enjoyed that because it’s the perfect balance between a light lotion and a thicker cream so that you can enjoy the luxurious feel of a rich cream without the heaviness.

    I’ve taken quite a long time to write this review and this is symptomatic of a larger issue I’ve been having when a product I’m trying is neither bad or good. On Instagram, it would be categorized as “meh” (an appreciable prompt description as is often the case with social media!). Sometimes, I just can’t make my mind up about a product. I’ve come to realize that this is a valid opinion and everything doesn’t have to be in the extremes. It can also be a question mark. Anyway, let’s carry on with this review.

    I have to say that, at first, I did find this cream soothing and moisturizing. However, overtime, I realized that my skin looked blotchy whenever I used it (maybe it’s due to myristyl myristate being high in the ingredient list because it can be comedogenic). I tried different skincare combinations and routines to no avail.

    In the end, this moisturizer wasn’t for me. I prefer the overnight recovery balm from the same range. The global protection day cream retails for 34£/50ml.

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