• Rahua smoothing hair balm

    It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about hair care products here! I thought I would remedy that with this review of the new smoothing balm from Rahua.

    My haircare routine is quite simple and my styling skills are almost nonexistent – hair is not my forte. However, I do love the hair care side of it and finding clever products that help to make the most out of them – mine are wavy/curly and my lengths are dry. My hair absorbs everything I throw at it and so naturally I’m obsessed with nourishing products such as hair oils. I hadn’t tried balms before but when I discovered that Rahua made one, I took advantage of a birthday gift card to grab it.

    The Rahua smoothing hair balm is designed to nourish dry hair and control frizz. It’s made out of a blend of plant oils (sunflower, coconut, rapeseed, ungurahua, sacha inchi, buruti), cocoa butter and a small amount of wax and clay. The added gardenia enfleurage oil provides a light floral scent that doesn’t linger on the hair.

    It has a thick texture that melts into an oil when you warm it between your fingers. I find that it nourishes my hair and defines my ends giving a piecey but smooth look. It also helps tame frizz. The overall effect is that of healthy shinier hair.

    At first, I had trouble fitting this new balm texture into my routine. I soon found out that it couldn’t replace my hair oil because its thick texture isn’t practical for an all-over application especially if you have long and thick hair. Also, used this way, the small pot would only last a few weeks at most! Where this product shines is as a way of quickly bringing more definition to the ends and taking down the fluffy aspect of hair.

    So the smoothing hair balm isn’t an essential product in my hair care routine but it’s a nice add-on especially for travels (it’s so easy to slip the slim tub into your toiletry bag!) or to keep in your handbag to smooth your hair on-the-go.

    It retails for 28$/17g.

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