• Ouai wave spray: a luxury approach to beachy hair?

    When the Ouai haircare line came out last year, the product that immediately grabbed my attention was the wave spray. I naturally have loose curls and I’m always looking for ways to enhance them.

    Ouai was founded by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin. She wanted to create easy-to-use products to achieve great hair. What caught my eye with this particular spray was the non-drying claim. As we know, salt sprays are usually used to get beach waves but they can be really drying for our hair. So, I was reluctant to try one out.

    Wave spray uses rice protein to add hold, maintain the achieved texture and strengthen the hair. I must say that it works particularly well! When I use it, I find that my curls are well-formed but my hair remains soft. You don’t get the dreaded crunchy hair feeling. I think that can be explained by the inclusion of coconut water, glycerin and panthenol which make for a hydrating formula.

    This spray does has a fragrant smell. I personally love it (it’s like a nice fresh floral scent). However, I’ve read reviews where it was an issue (it was either too strong or not to the taste of the person). So maybe try it out in a shop before buying it.

    I use this spray after towel-drying my hair and putting a moisturizing cream through my ends. I spritz my lengths a few times and then scrunch my hair to give more shape to my curls. After that, I usually let my hair air-dry or briefly blow dry my roots in the winter.

    In short, this spray adds texture, enhances curls, smells great and doesn’t leave a residue on your hair. I think it’s an excellent product.

    However, there’s a weird thing happening with the packaging. The letters forming the text on the back of the bottle tend to move around (not just wear off). So you might get letters all over your toiletry bag/sink/hands. (It’s like your own special message in cut out letters…)

    If you’re looking for a spray to add texture to your hair, I think the Ouai Wave spray is a great option.

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