• Osmosis – calm serum, a game changer

    This is the best retinoid that I’ve ever used and the product that made the most positive, noticeable changes for my skin.

    Yes, today we’re reviewing a game changing product for my skin. Introducing retinoids in general helped improved my skin tremendously. This category of vitamin A derived ingredients help with skin texture (blemishes, lines) and tone (pigmentation, luminosity). I began using them years ago, starting with gentle derivatives and slowly increasing the strength with time.

    Calm is the gentle retinaldehyde-based vitamin A serum offered by Osmosis, formulated for sensitive skins (there are three other stronger serums in the range). I first learned about this brand thanks to the brilliant facialist Andy Millward and actually bought my fist bottle on his site.

    This is a comprehensive formula that not only contains retinaldehyde (0,0375%) but also peptides, niacinamide, lactic acid, antioxidants along with hydrating and soothing ingredients.

    What’s even more brilliant is the delivery system used by Osmosis to ensure the stability of the ingredients, less irritation and better penetration of the actives : the retinaldehyde and antioxidants are encapsulated. This liposomal technology uses phosphatidylcholine, an ingredient that I love because it improves the delivery of ingredients and strengthens the skin barrier.

    It is a yellow serum that you need to massage well into the skin. I tend to apply it after my hydrating toner, and if it doesn’t glide well, I mist my face before working it into the skin again. Osmosis serums are concentrated and using a mist helps to spread them (it’s a tip I’ve learned from Andy). This one in particular has a lighter texture compared to the other serums I’ve tried from them.

    The first times I used it, I did experience a bit of redness after applying it but there was no irritation the next day. I was able to progressively use it every other night.

    It stimulates collagen production and encourages cell renewal. Using it consistently, I noticed that my skin texture was refined (with less blemishes and softened fine lines) and my skin tone more even. Overall the skin was plumped up and glowing.

    I’ve gone through two bottles of Calm. I am currently trying other retinaldehyde serums but I’ve already bought one of Osmosis’ stronger offerings, Correct.

    It retails for 85$/30ml and lasted me months.


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