• Lavera – protect & repair lip balm

    It’s hard to find a good lip balm in stick format – they usually aren’t nourishing enough or the hydration provided doesn’t last long. I’m pleased to say that this one works well for me and has become one of my favorites with the Hurraw balm.

    The Lavera protect & repair lip balm sits in a base of castor oil and waxes mixed with other plant oils (olive, coconut, sweet almond…) and butters (shea butter and cocoa seed butter).

    The texture achieves a good balance of oils and waxes. It grips the lips really well. This is where it differs from the Hurraw lip balms which have more of an oily texture. I find that the Hurraw are great when you need to immediately soften the lips whereas the Lavera protect & repair stays on better.

    The lavera lip balm moisturizes and softens my lips effectively. I particularly enjoy using it before and on top of makeup (I’ve included a video below where I give you my tips for lip prep before makeup). You can also read everything about my favorite nighttime lip balm here.

    It retails for around 3,6€.


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