• Kjaer Weis – Cream eyeshadow

    Kjaer Weis is an eco luxe organic beauty brand known for its refillable makeup products made with beautiful luxurious packagings. I was gifted one of their cream eyeshadow to try by French beauty e-shop Bazar bio.

    The cream eyeshadows sit in a base of coconut oil and waxes. The texture is surprisingly harder than most cream shadows. This means that you have to rub the pan a few times to get the product on. The upside is that it makes it lasts longer throughout the day.

    Alluring is a subtle golden brown shade. If you apply it with your fingers, you get a sheer wash of color. However if you use a brush, it picks up more of the golden shimmers.

    I enjoyed using this, this shade in particular is gorgeous. However, the eyeshadow dried too quickly for my liking. I might have received a dud though. I might purchase the refill in the future because I really loved this color.

    It retails for 44$. The refill costs 24$.


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