Even French women want to be French women

iconic french women

The elusive French woman seems to populate every corner of the internet and the press. How to do the French messy hairstyle? What about the French no makeup-makeup? And the much talked about French effortless style? Even regarding the upbringing of children, French mothers are acclaimed. It also seems like using the word “French” in a book title is synonymous with instant bestseller status. It’s like there is an aroma of culture and luxe wafting around those two words.

I am a French woman and I can tell you assuredly, even we want to know how to be a French woman! And so, it wouldn’t be unnatural to see French women buying those books I talked about. I know I do! Let’s be honest, the French woman tag represents a mysterious and mythical icon even to us.

Having said all that, I understand the allure because we do seem to see an inordinate amount of effortlessly styled French women. I too want to roll out of bed with the perfect messy hair, put a smart outfit on and dab a little bit of makeup and, in a matter of minutes, be out the door. I like this idea. I think that it relates to the current strive for minimalism and simplicity in opposition to our consumer society riddled with new things to try and new steps to add to our routines. I think that these are the ideas that are evocative when we praise French women.

It also ties into the idea of a natural form of beauty and style that unveils a kind of truth. That’s why, to me, the French woman concept only represents a certain style. It’s not unlike other traits you could admire in other women around the world representative of their cultures and countries. It relates to people’s preferences and shouldn’t be a definite judgment on how women should look. I personally like some of its variations (even though I like elaborate styles too) and that’s why I’ll talk about them but not necessarily under the “French woman way” tag.

So yes, I am and will continue to be guilty of watching tutorials and how-tos about French women’s style, makeup and hairstyle and I will even try to contribute to it occasionally on this blog. Ultimately, being a French woman to me is being open minded, curious, independent and always ready to have a laugh.



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