• Watch this! Facial gua sha

    I’ve realized that all of my Watch this! posts are about a form of facial massage. What can I say, I’m obsessed! Don’t worry, I will also share some of my favorite makeup tutorials and other various videos in the next installments.

    You must have seen Gua Sha tools popping up everywhere on social media, especially the jade or pink quartz versions. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves using a specific massage tool to scrape the skin to improve circulation. The facial version helps with skin health, glow, firmness, puffiness and sculpting.

    Sandra Lanshin Chiu is a trained acupuncturist and a Chinese medical skincare professional. Here, she is showing us a full facial Gua Sha routine. What I find interesting in this video is that she describes in great detail how to position the tool, the speed of each stroke, the amount of pressure you should apply etc., points which I hadn’t seen addressed in any of the other videos I’ve seen about this topic.

    You can see the immediate results she gets at 15:53 since she’s only doing one side of her face to begin with. I highly recommend her channel in general (she also has a video focusing on the neck). Enjoy!

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