• Watch this! The Tanaka face contouring massage

    I’ve talked about the advantages of regular facial massage in my first Watch this! post. There’s truly nothing like it to see instant brightening and smoothing skin benefits. Naturally, I do notice better results when I do it consistently. That’s why I’ve integrated a form of facial massage in my everyday skincare routine.

    The Tanaka face contouring massage was regularly popping up on my recommended videos on Youtube. I had even saved it to look into it but had somehow forgotten about it. Yukuko Tanaka is the Japanese makeup artist behind the eponymous facial massage. She created it to improve skin health on various levels. It tackles puffiness, wrinkles, sagging skin and skin imperfections.

    I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now. I like to massage my face after applying facial oil. I’m going to be brief, it’s amazing! First, it helps to depuff the face. I also find it relaxing, especially for the tension held in the jaws. Moreover, you get a lovely glow thanks to the increased blood flow.

    Since it’s a great lymphatic massage, it helps to drain out excess fluids and toxins. This means that blemishes heal more quickly and that the face looks more sculpted. Some of the comments under the video even mention skin-lifting benefits after practicing it for a few weeks.

    The video is divided in four parts on YouTube. In the first two parts (1,2), Tanaka gives an in-depth description of the techniques employed. The video I’m including here is the third one where the model shows us how to do the self-massage.

    I highly recommend you try it out for yourselves!

    Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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