• Evolve gentle cleansing melt

    Cleansing – and removing makeup in particular – is such a pleasurable part of my skincare routine. I just love the feeling of freshly cleansed skin!

    As you know, my rule for cleansers is that they need to do their job without stripping the skin and the Evolve gentle cleansing melt is no exception to this. The first thing that drew me to this product is its gorgeous bubbly jelly texture. When you massage it on your face, it melts into an oil and then transforms into a milk when you add water to it. A good texture is an important criteria for me because it makes the cleansing process so much more enjoyable.

    The gentle cleansing melt is a good makeup remover that quickly melts all of the makeup whilst conditioning and soothing the skin. You need to be careful though not to rub too much product around the eye area, otherwise it can sting the eyes. A small amount goes a long way with this.

    This organic cleanser contains sunflower, sweet almond and baobab oils combined with glycerin and a sugar extract (sucrose laurate) that acts as an emulsifier. Thanks to the added orange water, vanilla extract and rose flower oil, it has an unobtrusive sweet powdery and slightly floral scent that I like.

    I agree with the note on the packaging that recommends this for people with normal to dry skin. Indeed, this product is nourishing and leaves a residue on the skin, especially if you only rinse it with water. However, since I remove it with a flannel and follow up with a second cleanse, I can still use it without problem. 

    The great thing about Evolve is that they offer travel sizes (and also testers) for most of their products; so you can see whether a product suits you without breaking the bank. The full-size jar (120ml) retails for 22£ and the travel size (30ml) retails for 9£.

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