Cosmetic products envy (or how I’d like to have the power of selective amnesia)

Sometimes I wish I could forget what I’ve learned – in the past few years – about conventional cosmetics formulation. Being more educated about ingredients and their impact on our body and health is one of the reason I lean more and more towards organic, or at least, natural products. I know that there’s the argument of government regulations protecting us from dangerous products but I prefer to err on the side of caution. However, I don’t like to sacrifice efficacy over rubbish natural alternatives. That’s why I continue to use some of my conventional products, especially with regard to makeup (also, some of them are just too tempting to abandon).

I try to pay particular attention to products I use regularly (and on great body surfaces) such as shower gels, body creams… For these, I like to buy from natural brands because, ultimately, that’s what will make the most difference (here you can read more detailed articles on my current skincare, body care, hair care and makeup routines).

I can now say that I’ve mostly switched to natural products but I am still obsessed with conventional ones. I keep on following their launches, watching videos or reading blog posts about them. Foundations and concealers are my special weakness (yes, Shiseido Synchro skin glow foundation, I’ve got my eyes on you). Eye makeup and lipsticks are where I don’t really mind shopping for from conventional brands (at the moment, I’m onto Nars velvet shadow sticks which, as an aside, don’t seem to be sold in french Sephoras anymore!). I have thus thrown away most of my traditional foundations but haven’t touched the rest of my makeup collection.

I also wanted to mention the sort of guilt I sometimes feel for using conventional products when I can’t find an equivalent I like in the natural world. Recently, I’ve decided to take a chill pill (no more black and white approach, I love seeing the world through grey coloured glasses too!). I think there are enough stressful things to dwell on nowadays to not (overly) stress about cosmetics. I have come to terms with being made of contradictions and I’m beginning to be fine with that. So, I’ll continue being a bipolar shopper, trying out (mostly) natural products but also buying traditional cosmetics when I truly want to.


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