• Yoga with Adriene |Top 10 videos

    As I explained in this article, I love adding a yoga practice to my regular strength training fitness routine. And for that, there’s one woman I turn to: Adriene Mishler. She is the yogi behind the successful YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene

    I love the way she teaches yoga. She has a gentle approach and a soothing voice that I enjoy listening to. She’s also funny and doesn’t take herself seriously. I never feel rushed when I follow one her videos. She takes the time to explain each asana, giving postural and breathing cues.

    She provides free, full length follow-along videos. There’s quite an extensive backlog of videos to chose from (foundations of yoga, 30-day challenges, theme specific practices…). Thankfully, she has organized them in various playlists. I find the length categories particularly helpful because I can easily fit a session in my schedule whether I have 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

    So I wanted to make my own playlist with some of my favorite videos:

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