• Paris

    The Alexandre III bridge

    Looking at these pictures immediately makes me go back to that summer of 2013 when I visited Paris for the first time. Spending a week walking around the city and discovering its architecture and history was a blissful experience.

    Evidently, Paris has a lot to offer and I think it can delight various people who like different types of traveling. You can enjoy its architecture, culture, food scenery, shopping… or simply appreciate people watching from a comfortable seat on the café terraces.  Although I still have a long list of things I want to do next time I’m there, I am quite happy with what I managed to see.

    The Louvre pyramid

    One of the places I’m definitely going to go back to is the Louvre museum. It is obviously not possible to see everything it has to offer in one sitting. Hence, I chose to focus on exhibitions I wanted to see (for example, the Egyptian Antiquities section). Outside of what is displayed, the museum in itself is beautiful.

    Something I don’t regret doing was going on the Ferris wheel which is just outside the Louvre. That way, you can have a great overview of the city (mind you, I cannot say the experience would have been as good if it’d been pouring with rain; thankfully, it was sunny that day).

    The Tuileries gardens

    Another museum I’d recommend if you like modern art is the Centre Georges Pompidou (or Beaubourg). At the time, there was an amazing exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein’s work. The little museum shop is great as well if you are a bit of a stationery addict.

    Bateau-mouche (tour boats on the Seine) are really touristy and I know a lot of people will want to avoid them for that reason. Still, like the Ferris wheel, it’s a good way of seeing more of the city (especially if you’re pressed for time). Also, even though I like blending in a place and living as if I was settled there, I’ve never chosen not to do something because I would look like a tourist. Why should I care if I enjoy myself?

    Reza’s Soul of Coffee exhibition on the banks of the Seine river


    Montmartre and its Sacré-Coeur Basilica are also a must-see. It looks like a little arty and foodie village in the middle of the city. I enjoyed a beautiful panoramic view of Paris there.

    The Sacré-cœur Basilica

    Visiting the Paris Opera was nice as well (the ceiling pictured below was particularly magnificent).

    The Paris Opera ceiling painted by Marc Chagall


    Of course, I had to go to the famous Place Vendôme if only to admire the beautiful (and somewhat extravagant) jewelry.

    Place Vendôme

    On our last day (hours away from our train departure; yes we were that crazy), we went to Versailles. Now, don’t go there during the high season like we did. I’ve actually never experienced something like that. There were so many tourists that the crowd movement was pushing everyone to walk briskly during the visit of the Palace. We were just passing through the rooms, attempting to take photos without dozens of heads crammed in the frame (a fail, mostly). It was insane! I will definitely choose my timing more carefully next time.

    Also, the gardens are worth a lengthier visit. They were simply stunning.

    As for food, one thing that struck my mind was Philippe Conticini’s Pâtisserie des rêves. Just go there if you’re in Paris. I went multiple times, it was that good. Conticini’s pastries are something else.

    Philippe Conticini’s Pâtisserie des rêves


    Although I don’t think I could live in Paris (mostly, I would miss the sun from the south of France where I live), I like visiting this city and I know I will go back there.

    * Please excuse the quality of the photos. I was obviously taking them for my personal use and was using a compact digital camera (also, I’m impatient and rubbish at taking pictures).

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