• Stationery addict

    I’ve inherited my mom’s passion for stationery, especially notebooks. When I was younger, we didn’t call it stationery addiction. We just thought we were a little bit crazy.

    We knew we loved collecting notebooks and didn’t mind keeping them blank. I carried on this habit to this day. And I love it!

    I now keep a drawer full of stationery and take pleasure in looking at them from time to time (lunatic alert! On another note, I also like to smell book pages occasionally).

    Here, I’ve got a selection of items from various brands (clockwise from top left): Hema notebooks, Ban.Do pencils, Ohh Deer play and work notebooks, and my favorites, the Lyloo and doe notebooks from Zozore (the redbubble shop of a good friend of mine). Below, it’s another notebook from Ohh Deer (the pencils, I bought on Asos but I can’t seem to find them on the site anymore). That’s it!

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