• Snack ideas

    March has been a crazy month for me. I was drowning in so much work that I didn’t have time to even log onto my blog, let alone write articles.  However, I have a lot of drafts in preparation. One of them is about this obsession with making snacks.

    I blame Instagram for this recent interest of mine. When you see the creations of the likes of Bakeritablog, Rachlmansfield, Shutthefigup, Chocolatecoveredkatie or Addictedtodates, you can’t help but want to recreate these delicious treats. Some of them turn out great, others not so much but I love the process of trying out new recipes. You should take a look at these accounts (at your own risk…) for new snacks ideas.


    Fat bombs/bliss balls are one of my favorite snacks to make. It’s quick and simple. You just have to put everything in a blender and process it so that you can use the mixture to roll it into little balls. And it’s ready!

    I usually mix nuts, grated coconut, various seeds with coconut butter, cinnamon and a touch of agave syrup to sweeten it. It’s tasty and a great snack option when you come home from work but it’s not quite dinner time yet.


    I also use the leftovers as toppings for my breakfast bowls. These mini-almond butter bars were delicious when mixed with my crunchy granola. As an aside, I highly recommend Rachel’s blog – Bakerita –  for dessert inspiration. Everything I’ve made from her so far has tasted amazing!


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