• Skincare routine  | January 2022

    I’m back! I realize that I’m most likely talking to myself at this point but I felt I needed to say something after a two year absence. I filmed a video about my skincare routine on IG (complete with AM, PM routines, lip care, face masks and beauty tools) and thought I would share it here.

    I’ve streamlined my routine in recent years and could summarize it like this:

    AM routine: cleanse + hydrating essence + antioxidant serum + moisturizer (eye cream + face) + sunscreen

    PM routine 1 (retinoids) : double cleanse + hydrating essence + retinaldehyde serum + moisturizer (eye cream + face)

    PM routine 2 (copper peptides): double cleanse + copper peptide serum+ soothing serum+ hydrating essence +moisturizer (eye cream + face)


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