• New lipsticks

    Is this the beginning of a lipstick obsession?

    In the last few months, I’ve found myself drawn more and more to lipsticks. And as you can see, I’ve bought a few to prove it. I think that since I’m in a natural eye makeup phase these days, I like to change up my lip color more often.

    It doesn’t hurt that there has been great lipstick launches recently (Lisa Eldridge, we see you). I’ll of course review them individually later on but I didn’t want to wait to talk about them here. So here’s a brief recap of the latest in my lipstick collection.

    • Rouje les 4 rouje palette (01 signature). If you think about Jeanne Damas the founder of Rouje, the first image that comes to mind is bold lips. She loves her lipsticks and the blurred, bitten lip look. This palette contains four pans with great nude and red shades. It’s intuitive, you can mix up the colors with your fingers and pat them on your lips for a gorgeous pouty effect.
    • Glossier generation g (crush, cake and zip). Unlike their lid star eyeshadows, I like what Glossier has done with their lipsticks. If you like the above-mentioned worn, blurred lip look but don’t want to spend the time to pat lipstick on, blot it off, clean the edges etc., then these lipsticks are made for you. They are less pigmented, so you reach the same results with only a few swipes.
    • Lisa Eldridge True velvet lipstick (velvet ribbon; all the shades are sold out at the moment but Lisa is working on making more). Lisa didn’t disappoint with her first product launch. This is the ultimate red color. It’s innovative in its appearance (with a beautiful velvet imprinted bullet) and formula (very pigmented, soft and comfortable matte). I will definitely buy more shades in the future.
    • Kosas lipstick (stardust). This is a favorite of mine and a repurchase (it’s the first lipstick I’ve ever finished!). It’s the perfect everyday nude for my skin tone. I love that it’s a green beauty brand. The lipstick formula is great, it’s hydrating and wears well throughout the day.

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