• RMS Beauty – Signature set (Mod collection)

    RMS Beauty is an organic makeup brand that I love and use almost every day. The products are of high quality and blend seamlessly into the skin to create glowing skin. I couldn’t resist this little quad that I’m going to review today.

    Ever since the Signature set in the shade mod collection was launched, I knew that I was going to buy it. A compact containing all the products on my RMS beauty wishlist? Done. I finally caved during the last winter sales and here it is! This palette includes the following iconic RMS beauty items (from top to bottom, left to right) : master mixer, living luminizer, lip2cheek (smile and spell) and the simply cocoa lip & skin balm at the bottom.

    First of all, I think that the idea of a curated palette is a great way to try out the brand if you’re interested in it. It’s also a practical way of transporting all of your favorites in one tiny compact (it’s especially good for travels). There is 1.1g of each color pans and 1.5g of the balm. Since the use-by-date is of 9 months, I think that it is a fair quantity. The selection is varied with highlighters, lip colors, blush and even a balm. As always with this brand, the composition is amazing (it’s mostly coconut oil based).

    The key thing about the RMS beauty range is the versatility of the products. I really go with the color I feel like using and alternatively use it on my eyes, face and lips. I already own the master mixer full-size pot and I love it. I use it as a warm toned highlighter or as a barely-there eyeshadow.  I really wanted to try the cult living luminizer and it didn’t disappoint. They both don’t look shimmery but rather mimic glowing skin.

    The two  lip2cheek coral and nude shades are right up my street and also look great layered together. As the name suggests, this product was designed for lips and cheeks. (I mostly use them on my cheeks though because my lips are naturally quite pigmented and, as a result, they look more like nude shades on me.)

    RMS beauty is renowned for the quality of their cosmetics that melt into the skin. It truly is a skin-enhancing makeup brand rather than a camouflaging one. They simply become one with your face. I find that the pigmentation of each product is spot-on. Overall, they also last well throughout the day (although the lip2cheeks do need a little touch-up after a few hours).

    I was not impressed with the lip balm however. It softens the lips on the surface but I don’t feel like it deeply moisturizes them. It’s good but nothing extraordinary.

    To me, the packaging is the only true drawback. The size is great and the plastic compact is light but it’s also flimsy.  After one fall (and not from a great height, I might add), the lip balm pan popped out. Also, I would have liked the addition of a mirror to keep with the practicality of the palette.

    If you wanted to try each of these five products on their own, it would amount to 173$, a steep price. However, with the signature set you can try them out for 44$ before committing to the full-size. So, I think it’s a good deal if you’re interested in all of these shades (otherwise you’d be better off buying the ones you want). I personally waited for it to be on sale before purchasing it, so the value for money was even better.

    If these particular shades don’t appeal to you, there is another set – the Pop collection – which contains the buruti bronzer, magic luminizer, lip2cheek shades demure and beloved and the simply vanilla lip & skin balm.

    All in all, I like this palette and I think it’s a great one to have in your collection.

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