I am currently preparing a step-by-step article on how to properly extract blemishes and also another one about different kinds of spot treatments. I wanted to begin this spot series with the skincare tools that facilitate pimple extractions. View Post

Here’s an edited selection of my January 2018 Instagram posts (skincare, makeup, books, stationery and food). View Post

Base is my favorite part of doing makeup and I love shopping for foundations and concealers. I find that if your complexion looks good, you look good and you can then play with the color and graphic side of makeup.

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Here it is: the triple mask facial routine! View Post

I love well-advertised cult beauty products. When a product seems to garner that many rave reviews (looking like it’s seemingly able to give you beautiful skin, hair, nail and cure illnesses for all we know…), I want to try it. View Post