It’s time for the monthly Instagram recap! Here is a look at my month of July on IG (skincare, makeup, bodycare, books and food).

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Although you can’t tell by merely looking at it, the Sephora universal beautifier is going to become a staple in your nail polish collection. View Post

When it comes to hair styling, I am a true minimalist. It’s not really by choice, to be honest, but more of a reflection of my styling skills. View Post

For years now, I’ve discarded moisturizers and replaced them with facial oils in my routines. I usually only keep one around in case I feel like adding another layer to cocoon my skin in the winter. However, the Jane Scrivner OO cream immediately intrigued me when I heard about it. I knew I wanted to test it out. View Post

Most days, my eye makeup routine is quick and simple. I like spending time on my base makeup, so when it comes to eyes, I opt for a minimalist approach. View Post