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Accessories, and jewelry in particular, are a quick way to add something interesting to a simple look and make it seem like you’ve made an effort. Of course, it’s also an enjoyable part of dressing up. View Post

I love skincare (the ritual aspect of it, the sensory experience and the resulting glowing skin). It also means that I like to try new products regularly. I tend to introduce them to a well-established routine (one at a time when I’m being a good girl). View Post


I wanted to quickly talk about the products I currently use in my shower (a bit of a boring subject perhaps).  View Post

My mom is a brilliant cook (and an even more exceptional pastry baker). I want to share some of her recipes on this blog (lots of luscious treats coming your way…). First, let’s begin with her vegetable pizza! View Post

I remember that, when I was in college, I used to wake up excitedly thinking about the makeup look I was going to try that day (in second place, of course, after my important law curriculum…). Everyday was different and I was quite bold. View Post