iconic french women

The elusive French woman seems to populate every corner of the internet and the press. How to do the French messy hairstyle? What about the French no makeup-makeup? And the much talked about French effortless style? View Post

I’m rubbish at doing hair. I do not style it nor know how to. So making sure it’s healthy and nourished is the best I can do. Through a lot of testing, I have now found the right products to manage my hair. View Post

Magazines are such a great source of inspiration to me. They cover a broad range of topics I’m interested in (e.g. beauty, fitness, culture, society…) and provide interesting visuals. I’ve loved them ever since I was a teenager.

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The other day, whilst rummaging through my beauty cabinet (a cupboard in my desk really), I came across Vita Liberata’s Self tanning gradual lotion. View Post


Granions. I can already hear you moaning: what the hell are those? And most importantly, why should I put it on my face? I had the same questions.

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