A bit of sweetness with this rice flour cookies recipe!

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It’s time for the monthly Instagram recap! Here’s a look at my month of August on IG (skincare, makeup, bodycare, books and food).

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We all know how to squeeze a pimple. It’s not complicated. However, what we don’t always know is how to properly extract one to speed the healing process and minimize the mark left behind. After many botched attempts over the years, I have now come up with a protocol that I try to follow. View Post

Devita Derma E mineral body sunscreen

Body sunscreens as cosmetics are difficult to like. Who wants to blend a tacky white lotion onto sweaty skin (particularly in the summer)? So finding good formulas is quite difficult, especially in the green beauty world.  View Post

As I explained in this article, I love adding a yoga practice to my regular strength training fitness routine. And for that, there’s one woman I turn to: Adriene Mishler. View Post