Cream eyeshadows in stick format are great for doing quick eye makeup looks. It really is foolproof, like a grown-up version of coloring (remember playing with your colored pencils?). Ready, set, draw! View Post


I am a great list maker (let’s say that I’m messily obsessive) and wanted to share some of them with you (I’ll update them when necessary). Here is my makeup wish list with all the items I’ve researched – through countless reviews and swatches –  that I’ll maybe buy one day. In green are the more natural brands.

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Sometimes I wish I could forget what I’ve learned – in the past few years – about conventional cosmetics formulation. View Post

jewelry gold

Accessories, and jewelry in particular, are a quick way to add something interesting to a simple look and make it seem like you’ve made an effort. Of course, it’s also an enjoyable part of dressing up. View Post

I love skincare (the ritual aspect of it, the sensory experience and the resulting glowing skin). It also means that I like to try new products regularly. I tend to introduce them to a well-established routine (one at a time when I’m being a good girl). View Post