This is a difficult post for me to write. Laying it all out makes me feel vulnerable. Although at the same time, it feels extremely liberating, especially for someone who used denial as a way of coping for such a long time. View Post

Which supplements should I take? That’s a recurring question when you become interested in your health and want to find ways to improve it. (As an aside, what’s with this current strive to optimize everything? I know I always fall for it and then, with hindsight, I wonder why I always want everything to be “best” instead of just good.) Today, I’ll talk about the supplements that I’ve tried and the ones I take regularly. View Post

Nowadays, I primarily shop online. There’s a certain ease in doing it from the comfort of your home whenever you want to. It’s especially true for beauty products, I think, because most brands I’m interested in are not available in France (let alone in brick and mortar stores). So, today, I’m going to talk about my favorite websites to shop beauty products from. View Post

A quick one for makeup inspiration: a bold lip with a sculpted face! And a little ode to this Tom Ford lipstick… View Post

I can waste a lot of time on Google Images scrolling through before & after photos of eyelash growth serum results. I am of course tempted to use them myself but, every time I dig deeper and actually research the ingredients, I realize that it’s not something I feel comfortable applying near my eyes. That’s why I began looking into more natural ways to grow lashes.

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