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    Olio e Osso tinted balms

    I like a good lip & cheek tint. They’re a great way to quickly brighten the face and give it a healthy dose of color.

    Olio e Osso is a natural american beauty brand known for their colored balms. They started out with a clear moisturizing balm (balm no.1) and slowly expanded the range. They now offer 12 colors (a bronzer, highlighter and various shades of pink, peach, purple brown etc.).

    The tinted balms from Olio e Osso differ from the usual lip & cheek offering because they sit in a transparent base. So when you use them, you get a gorgeous, sheer fresh burst of color. I particularly like that you can still see the skin through it, so it looks like naturally flushed cheeks.

    The great thing with such a formula is that it’s foolproof and intuitive. You can apply the tinted sticks straight onto your cheeks/lips, pat it in and you’re done. They blend easily and seamlessly into the skin.

    The ingredient list is short and sweet: shea nut oil, olive oil, beeswax and the color pigment. I also love that they have a fruity scent thanks to the added grapefruit peel oil.

    The tinted balms are multitasking products that you can use on your lips and cheeks. I mainly apply them on the cheeks and sometimes on the eyes. I prefer to swipe the stick with my fingers and pat it directly on my cheeks so that I don’t disturb my base makeup.

    Olio e Osso balm n°3 Crimson and n°8 Persimmon

    I find that the shades look a bit like lollipops and they have a slightly glossy finish that I love. I got balm no.3 (crimson) – a gorgeous pinky-red- and no.8 (persimmon), a burnt orange. I wear them on their own or combined together for a sunkissed look.

    Olio e Osso balms n°2 French melon, n°3 Crimson, n°4 Berry, n°5 Currant and n°6 Bronze

    Before purchasing the full-size balms, I got samples of shades 2 (french melon), 3 (crimson), 4 (berry), 5 (currant) and 6 (bronze) swatched above. I’m glad that I did because the shades that I thought I would love (french melon and bronze) are very sheer and just translate as a slight tint on my skin.

    If you like natural makeup looks, you’ll love them!

    The tinted balms retail for 28$/0.35oz.

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