• Nuxe rêve de miel lip balm | new formula review

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote an article for the blog! I haven’t been able to get back into the rhythm after my summer vacations. However, I now have a lot of ideas for new content and a backlog of reviews to write. So I’m coming back today with this review of the new formula of the renowned rêve de miel lip balm from Nuxe.

    If you don’t know this product (which would be hard to believe!), this pot contains the most gorgeous and effective lip balm I’ve ever tried. It deeply hydrates, nourishes and softens the lips. It is my favorite lip balm. If you’re interested in a full review, you can read the original article I wrote here.

    Now, reformulating a cult favorite product is always risky and you always end up with people preferring the old version. The nuxe rêve de miel ultra nourishing lip balm was launched 25 years ago and has been reformulated last year. I’m on my second pot of the new formula, so I’ve thoroughly tested it and can now share my thoughts with you.

    The formula is essentially the same in that it contains beeswax, honey, plant oils (sweet almond and rosehip seed oils) and shea butter. The main changes are that they’ve played with the proportions of shea butter and wax and they’ve added healing propolis to the mix.

    The pleasant citrus scent thankfully hasn’t changed (it’s due to the added lemon and grapefruit essential oils).

    It has a thick balmy texture and a slight matte finish. To me, the textures seem similar although I would need to have both formulas at hand to do a more thorough comparison.

    I find that it didn’t lose any of its efficacy as it’s still a lip balm that envelops and grips the lips very well providing long lasting hydration and comfort. However, the great thing is that they’ve managed to correct the texture issue where it had a tendency to get grainy, especially in the winter. The new formula is smoother and I haven’t noticed any granules.

    It remains my favorite lip balm and I’m never without it. It retails for around 10£/15g.

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