• Minimal eye makeup routine

    Most days, my eye makeup routine is quick and simple. I like spending time on my base makeup, so when it comes to eyes, I opt for a minimalist approach.

    Avril is an organic french cosmetics brand that makes skincare, bodycare, haircare and makeup products at affordable prices. At 4€ each, these 2 in 1 eye pencil duos are no exception. On one end, you have an eyeshadow in chubby pencil form and on the other end you have the pencil liner.

    They are really convenient for a quick everyday makeup or smokey eye. You only need to scribble the eyeshadow on the lips and blend the edges with your finger before lining your eyes with the liner. Then, all that remains is to add mascara and in three steps you’re good to go!

    These pencils have a creamy texture. They glide easily on the lids without dragging the skin. A little bit of creasing is expected due to this texture but all in all, they last well on me.

    This duo format is handy because it enables you to streamline your makeup bag and have everything you need at hand. The only criticism I have with the packaging concerns the caps. They tend to pop up on their own which can make a mess in your bag.

    The duos come in three neutral shade combos swatched in the below photo: cuivre irisé/terre brûlée, taupe nacré/noir charbon and beige doré/bronze cuivré. I particularly love the third one.

    From left to right, Avril 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner: cuivre irisé/terre brûlée, taupe nacré/noir charbon, beige doré/bronze cuivré.

    These pencils are now staples of my makeup bag and I highly recommend them!

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