• My current Sunday mini-facial routine

    Two times a week, I like to do a mini-facial routine to thoroughly cleanse my skin and – sort of – reset it. I love this little ritual and the resulting clearer and radiant skin.

    It usually involves deep cleansing my skin and the application of some sort of mask (or a few of them in a row). Here is a breakdown of the different stages of my current routine. (This is not an in-depth review of each product, I’ll do that in dedicated posts.)

    • Step 1: Remove makeup

    As expected, I use my Jordan Samuel Skin Aftershow treatment cleanser for this step. I massage it onto dry skin and then remove everything with a damp flannel. This ensures that all the makeup, dirt and grime is off my skin before I go on with the rest of the routine.

    • Step 2: Deep cleanse

    This is the point where I change my usual cleanser for a stronger one. I’ve recently rediscovered the Niod Sanskrit saponins cleanser in my beauty stash (I’ve received it in a gift set I bought during the last sales). It has an interesting balm/whipped texture. I find it cleanses my skin deeply without stripping it which helps keep congestion at bay.

    • Step 3: Mask

    There is no complete facial routine without the inclusion of a mask! I love to use clay and, at the moment, I’m using Niod’s Myrrh clay. It tingles slightly when I apply it. I leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. It effectively absorbs excess sebum and draws out impurities.

    • Step 4: Chemical exfoliation

    I finish my routine with the application of an acid toner. I’ve opted for salicylic acid for its anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties. I use the Cosrx Blackhead power liquid which I apply with a cotton pad all over my face. It accelerates the healing of blemishes, unclogs pore (since salicylic acid is oil soluble) and enhances skin absorption, allowing the rest of your skincare to operate more effectively.

    I wait for about 20 minutes and then follow with my usual routine (toner, serum, eye cream and facial oil).

    The results are apparent: clearer, resurfaced and glowing skin (the amelioration in the texture and radiance of the skin is noticeable even the next morning).

    Next time, I will talk you through another one of my mini-facials: the glow routine.

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