• Melvita | Gentle AM cleanser

    For years now, I haven’t felt the need to look for other gel cleansers to try. The Melvita gentle cleansing jelly is that good. However, after finishing an umpteenth bottle of it, I’ve recently decided to test other products and it made me realize that I hadn’t written a proper review for this skincare staple of mine.

    A gel cleanser is essential in my skincare routine. I explained in this article why cleansing is so important for skin health. I find that gel cleansers are a great refreshing option for this step. I like to use them as skin cleansers (AM or second cleanse). I personally don’t use them to remove makeup, there are much better products suited for that (anything oil based works well for me).

    Melvita is a great organic french pharmacy brand that offers a multitude of skincare products with great value for money. The gentle cleansing jelly sits in a hydrating base of glycerin, rose and bitter orange flower waters. The important thing for me is that they use mild surfactants to cleanse the skin. This combined with the hydrating ingredients makes for an aptly named gentle cleanser.

    Something to note for people with very sensitive skin is that it does contain fragrance. I haven’t personally experienced any problem with it but I wanted to mention it in case it’s something you avoid in your skincare products. The light floral scent is actually a plus for me, making the cleansing experience even more enjoyable.

    As you can see, it has a light jelly texture that I like to massage on damp skin. I usually only need a pump to wash my face and neck. It doesn’t foam much and it isn’t in any way stripping. I find that it cleanses the skin thoroughly but gently. It’s everything I look for in my cleansers.

    The thing I don’t understand is that they advise to use it up within 6 months but I’ve used mine long after that. However, I’ve noticed recently that the scent changes overtime. So I might need to replace them more often!

    At 13.5€ for 200ml, it offers excellent value for money and is a frequently repurchased cleanser in my skincare collection.

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