• Kosas – 10 second eyeshadow

    The Kosas 10 second eyeshadow is a liquid eyeshadow with a very watery texture that is easy to blend. It sets in a few seconds (hence the name), so you have to work quickly with it. I tend to use my fingers for the application and a brush to blend the edges.

    The pigments sit at the bottom of the tube as you can see, so you need to shake the bottle well before using it.

    Globe is a beautiful and versatile champagne shade. You can get different finishes depending on the number of layers you apply. The formula builds easily without crumbling. I was most pleasantly surprised by the vibrant shimmery finish it retains once it dries. Moreover, it is long lasting (it doesn’t crease on my lids). The formula is particularly well done.

    Regarding the packaging, I like the doe foot applicator but I would prefer if it also included a wiper because a lot of product comes out on the wand and since it’s watery it can also spill easily if you’re not careful.

    As I mentioned in my review of their cream blush, I have the same problem with the expiry date: it should be used within 6 months from opening. I’ve had mine since late October last year, so I should throw it away now (the scent has changed recently) and yet I haven’t used a third of it! This frustrates me and has also prevented me from buying more shades even though I like a lot of them. I would love for these to come in a smaller packaging.

    It retails for 28$/6ml.


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