• Kiko Long lasting stick eyeshadows

    Cream eyeshadows in stick format are great for doing quick eye makeup looks. It really is foolproof, like a grown-up version of coloring (remember playing with your colored pencils?). Ready, set, draw!

    Almost every brand make them now, going from the eye-watering to the affordable. Kiko’s long lasting stick eyeshadows fall in the latter category as you can imagine if you’re familiar with the brand. Hence why I collect them without qualms.

    The formula is creamy but does set after a few moments. That’s ideal for a cream eyeshadow because it means that you have time to blend and layer it. However, once it sets you don’t have to worry about it moving around. I find that these sticks last well throughout the day, especially the satin and matte shades. Beware of the glittery shades though because there’s quite a bit of glitter fallout!

    I particularly love using them on their own as part of a simple eyeshadow look with lashings of mascara (I sometimes use eyeliner to add some definition).

    Here are swatches of the ones I own. (Yes, it’s in reverse order from the first picture; I didn’t quite think that through.)

    kiko long lasting stick eyeshadow swatches
    Kiko long lasting eyeshadow sticks (39, 38, 37, 33, 31, 25, 07, 06, 05)

    I think shades 38, 33 and 25 are good everyday neutral shades. 38 and 31, on the other hand, make for a bold statement. For a quick smokey eye, I would use shade 39. I find shade 07 too glittery to be applied on the eyelids, I prefer to use it as an highlighter (especially in the inner corners). The other glittery shades (06 and 05) are great for an easy and impactful one-shadow look. (How many times can I use the word “shades” in one paragraph?!)

    In short, the Kiko long lasting eyeshadow sticks are good value for money. Also, since they are so affordable, you can try out bold shades that you’re not sure about without breaking the bank.

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