• Jordan Samuel Skin – the ultimate minimalist skincare routine


    The Jordan Samuel Skin range has become a staple in my skincare routine for more than a year now. If you want to pare back your routine or simply are into a minimalist approach, this could be the perfect answer.

    Jordan Samuel Pacitti, founder of Jordan Samuel Skin, has an interesting life trajectory. Being a former professional ballet dancer, he is familiar with the importance of an effective skincare routine, especially since he had to take off heavy stage makeup (and sweat) at the end of each performance. Having a passion for skincare, when his dance career ended, he decided to make the transition to the beauty world. He studied to become an esthetician and now own his own skin clinic in Seattle. That’s where he developed his capsule skin care collection : plié, hydrate and étoile. Jordan’s ethos is all about balancing the skin with a “less is more” approach. His range has since expanded with the addition of a balm cleanser, a retinol treatment oil and a moisturizer. (I need to get my hands on these!)

    I discovered this brand over a year ago now. I still remember the beginnings when Jordan was sending out hand written messages with each parcel. Since then, I’ve been consistently restocking the three original products, which constitute the core of my skincare routine. Your routine can stop at that (especially if your skin is irritated) or you can build around it by adding active treatments, masks…

    This is a gel to oil formula that you massage on dry skin to melt away makeup, sweat and grime. It contains olive, jojoba and grape seed oils and it has a slight citrus scent. It’s a quick and effective way to remove makeup. I use it at night as the first step of my double cleansing routine. I love that Jordan added sugarcane and fruit extracts, which provide a gentle exfoliation. Once you get used to taking your makeup off with an oil/balm and the fresh feeling that ensues, you can’t go back to other cleansing methods.

    Hydrate is a moisturizing serum that has a liquid texture. It absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it smooth, soothed and plumped up. My skin sometimes reacts badly to hyaluronic acid, depending on the formulation (Caroline Hirons made a great post about the different types of HA). Needless to say, I have no problem with Jordan’s serum. This also includes Vitamin C – a great antioxydant- and fruit extracts which make it an all-rounder serum tackling hydration and protection from environmental pollutants.

    After thoroughly cleansing your skin and adding a layer of hydration, you want to seal in this gorgeous moisture. This is exactly what Etoile does. It protects your skin and supports its barrier function. I need to point out the great formulation of this oil : it sinks into the skin without leaving behind a film (particularly great in the mornings before makeup application). Again, it’s full of antioxydants (vitamin E, C and CoQ10) and it makes your skin glow.


    Various textures of my current skincare routine: JSS Plié cleanser, Melvita gentle cleansing jelly, Sum:37 cleansing stick, JSS hydrate, DeVita eye cream and JSS étoile facial oil

    I love Jordan’s skincare range. The products are effective at balancing the skin and keeping it healthy. Besides, since this is a direct-to-consumer brand, Jordan is able to keep the costs down and offer very reasonable prices for excellent products.

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