• Jane Scrivner OO cream

    For years now, I’ve discarded moisturizers and replaced them with facial oils in my routines. I usually only keep one around in case I feel like adding another layer to cocoon my skin in the winter. However, the Jane Scrivner OO cream immediately intrigued me when I heard about it. I knew I wanted to test it out.

    Jane Scrivner is a british natural skincare brand that focuses on strengthening and nourishing the skin with a blend of oils and natural ingredients. Here, 80% of the ingredients are certified organic.

    As its name suggests, the OO cream has been formulated to be used over oils to seal in moisture. It adds a layer of hydration whilst taking down the shininess of facial oils, leaving you with a satin finish. I think the description on the packaging says it all: “OO cream to lock in moisture, nourish, protect and mattify. Leaving you with smooth, soft, hydrated skin – without the shine“. Usually when a product claims to be mattyfing it means that it’s (somewhat) dehydrating. It isn’t the case here and so, the balance achieved with this formula is truly impressive. It does indeed “protect, hydrate & matify” the skin, all at the same time.

    This moisturizer comes in a 100ml pot along with a spatula. When you open it, you can see that they didn’t skimp on product: the tub is full to the brim. And look at that gorgeous pumpkin shade (it’s all natural)!

    Another interesting thing to point out is the innovative texture. It’s a gel cream that lends itself well to massage and also sets on the skin. So you have time to properly massage your face but it doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness behind. This is truly amazing because it’s sometimes difficult to find original textures in the green beauty world.

    This cream also works well when used on its own after applying serums. My skin then feels velvety smooth. I think this is brilliant in the summer when you want a simple and effective routine.

    I have to warn you about the scent though – it’s quite strong! It reminds me of a rose garden in the summer with its heavy rose fragrance (although it isn’t a synthetic rose scent). I don’t particularly care for it to be honest. It’s too strong for me but it’s the only downside for this cream in my opinion.

    It costs 39£/100ml which, when you bring it down to cost per ml, isn’t expensive (especially when you consider that most moisturizers come in 40-50ml containers).

    Despite its scent, I think that the OO cream is an excellent and versatile moisturizer. The formulation is quite unique and it’s a pleasure to use.

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