• Inika perfection concealer

    As you know, concealers are my favorite makeup products to shop for. For my everyday makeup, I tend to go for liquid concealers because they are easy to apply and blend well into the skin.

    A few months ago, I went looking for a new concealer to try, preferably from a green beauty brand, to replace my Bareminerals serum concealer. I am quite specific about what I want: a liquid concealer with medium buildable coverage, packaged in a tube. Let me tell you, it’s hard to find such a product in the natural makeup brands! I don’t know how many videos, blog posts, IG posts I’ve researched to that end. However, there’s always something lacking, usually in the coverage department.

    Anyway, that’s how I discovered the Inika organic perfection concealer. It’s formulated in an hydrating base of aloe vera with a mix of plant oils. I went for this one in the end because everyone was (quite rightly) praising its natural finish.

    I should point out here that it has a light floral scent due to the essential oil content. It’s something to take into account if you react to fragrance/EOs.

    First, I like that it’s in a tube because it’s more hygienic than dipping your fingers into a pot in my opinion. I have the shade light (swatched below) which is a good match for my skin tone. (For comparison purposes, I am a NC 20 in Mac, an 11 in RMS beauty and light in Bareminerals.)

    The perfection concealer provides a light to medium buildable coverage. Unfortunately, it’s not enough on its own to cover very red blemishes or heavy dark circles. That’s a big drawback for me because it means that it isn’t versatile and I have to use two concealers at a time to even out my skin tone properly.

    In spite of this, I didn’t dislike using this concealer because of its lovely natural finish. It’s quick to blend and it melts seamlessly into the skin leaving the skin looking healthy and glowing. It’s imperceptible. So much so, in fact, that I kept using it to roughly even out my skin tone before adding a higher coverage concealer on the marks that were still showing!

    If it had higher coverage, it would be the perfect concealer. But as it is, it’s too time consuming to use. Also, since it doesn’t have great coverage, you tend to use more of it, so it finishes pretty quickly. I’ll repurchase it if I’m able to sort out my hyperpigmentation issues. In the meantime, I have other products to try on my list.

    This concealer retails for 22£/10ml.

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