• Ilia limitless lash mascara

    If I had written this review a few weeks into testing this mascara, it would have turned out differently. The results were good but didn’t justify either the price or the faff it took to apply it.

    Ilia is a natural beauty brand that doesn’t compromise on product performance. The limitless lash mascara has gathered quite a cult following in the green beauty world which piqued my interest. I’m glad I persevered with it!

    The dual-sided brush is the best and worst thing about this mascara all at once. It is what makes this product stand out but it also means that it’s harder to apply. One side has traditional short bristles that are great to create volume. The other side is a comb that helps to separate the lashes and lengthen them. When you use each side in a row, you get beautiful full and defined lashes. The downside is that it takes more time to apply and the big brush is hard to manipulate.

    At first, when the mascara was brand new, I thought that my lashes looked great when I used it but there wasn’t anything special about it. To me, it wasn’t worth taking the time to properly apply it. What changed the experience for me is that the formula (as with most mascaras) gets better with time because it thickens. So after a few weeks, the results I was getting were amazing. The lashes were full, lifted and separated (you can see it here).

    The golden shimmery packaging is gorgeous but as you can see on the last photo, it crumbles with time. Although for the price I think the packaging should stay pristine, it won’t prevent me from repurchasing it. This is indeed an excellent mascara not just for a green beauty product but also compared to conventional mascaras.

    It retails for 28$/0.25 oz (8g).

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