• Are you properly cleansing your skin?

    This isn’t an article about cleansers or how to choose them as I have already covered this topic on the blog. Here, I wanted to talk about the actual cleansing process. The great thing is that it doesn’t require you to buy anything new but to implement a simple change in your cleansing routine.

    I thought I was already doing great with my cleansing step. I was using gentle cleansers that don’t strip the skin and damage the skin barrier (I look for mild surfactants and avoid harsh ingredients such as alcohol or sulfates). I was also diligent about double cleansing at night to remove my makeup/sunscreen and cleanse my skin thoroughly. Yet despite all of this, about a month ago, it came to my attention that I was probably not cleansing my skin properly.

    Two of the brilliant aestheticians that I follow Jordan Samuel Pacitti and Andy Millward had just posted about the amount of time required to thoroughly cleanse your skin. They said that we should take the time to massage and work the cleanser into our skin for about 1 minute. A minute! I think I was cleansing for about 15-20 seconds max at the time.

    Ever since learning about this, I decided to follow their advice. And so I have been dutifully cleansing my skin for 60 seconds morning and night (on my second cleanse at night as I don’t like to massage the makeup and dirt during my first cleanse). A month in, I can already see the payoffs – my skin texture is smoother and I have less congestion! It has truly been a revelation for me and that’s why I wanted to share this tip with you.

    Pictured here are my current favorite cleansers:

    *Review coming soon.

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