• Guerlain maxi lash | High end volume mascara

    It’s time for a mascara review! On trial today is the Guerlain maxi lash so volume mascara.

    When it comes to mascaras, I don’t believe that expensive means better. You can indeed find great options at affordable prices. However, from time to time, I like to try a high end version that seems particularly promising. And so, finding myself drawn to the Guerlain maxi lash mascara, I was pleased to receive it as a present.

    It promises to intensify and enhance the eyes by delivering “incredible instant volume” and creating “significantly thicker lashes”. I have to agree on all counts. The formula is creamy and the brush is made of short plastic bristles that coat and lift up every lashes. It is very thickening, even with one coat. Plus, I love the glossy deep black shade (none of that natural look here). And it lasts well on me.

    On another note, I love the sleek gold and black packaging. Look at that beauty!

    The counterpart of it being so volumizing is that you have to be careful when building layers. It can easily get clumpy. However, you can prevent that by using a spoolie or eyelash comb to separate the lashes between layers. On the same note, I also had to use a tissue to wipe off the excess product on the brush before using it, especially in the first weeks after opening it.

    Also advertised on the Guerlain website is the added floral fragrance. Yes, fragrance. Why on earth would you add fragrance to a product designed to be used near the eyes?! It baffles me. And it’s not a light scent at that. It is heavily perfumed. I can still smell it well after applying it.

    (Is it a mascara? Is it a perfume? It’s the new 2-in-1 product you didn’t know you needed!) Joking aside, I know that adding perfume to cosmetics is a common trait among luxury brands but I don’t care for it at all.

    The only other drawback would be the price of course. This retails at 35€/26£/32$. Ouch.

    Nevertheless, I think this is a great volumizing mascara if money is no objet and you like high end cosmetics.

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