• Green beauty concealers | Swatches

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m on a quest for the perfect green beauty concealer.

    Indeed, ever since I finished my Bareminerals serum concealer last year, I’ve been trying to find a replacement in the green beauty world. Unfortunately, I always have a problem with the new products, either with the coverage or the shades. I’m looking for a liquid concealer preferably in a tube with medium to full coverage, so that I can use it on both dark circles and blemishes. I want them to feel light and to blend easily into the skin. I know, it’s a lot! 

    Apart from the quality of the formula, one of the hurdles when buying concealers is finding a good shade (especially if, like me, you have to buy them online). So in today’s article, I wanted to focus on the swatches of the concealers I’ve tried so far. I rely a lot on this type of articles for my purchases, so I wanted to bring my own contribution for the green makeup lovers. Here are the swatches (yes, the shades vary greatly; the best matches for my skin tone are marked with a *; I am usually a shade NC 20 in Mac meaning a light shade with yellow undertones).

    Top row: Bareminerals serum concealer (light), Clove + Hallow conceal + correct (2 and 3), Nude by nature perfecting concealer (03 shell beige), Inika perfection concealer (light)*, Absolution le multi-correcteur (1), Jane Iredale circle/delete concealer (peach 2)
    Bottom row: RMS beauty un cover up (11)*, Ere Perez arnica concealer (honey)*, Hynt beauty duet perfecting concealer (medium and light), Studio 78 Paris off we go concealer (at dawn 01)

    Most of these shades don’t suit me well which is frustrating although I can make some of them work for certain areas of my face. Some of these brands (Clove + Hallow and Hynt Beauty) are currently expanding their shade ranges. So I am waiting for that and in the meantime I will continue the search for the perfect natural concealer.

    As for the concealers’ performance, I have already reviewed the Inika concealer and the ones from Bareminerals, Hynt beauty, Jane Iredale and Studio 78 Paris (here). I’ll review the other ones shortly.

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