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    When Glossier came out on the beauty scene, I was immediately drawn to the brand. The minimalist approach, the skincare first and makeup second ethos and the millennial pink packaging are alluring (but let’s face it, one of the most appealing things is the beautiful models with perfect skin that they use for their ad campaigns…).

    The products I was the most excited about were the skincare and base makeup. However, since nowadays I’m leaning more towards natural options for these specific categories, ultimately the products on my wish list were the generation g lipsticks, boy brow and of course – today’s focus – the lidstar eyeshadows.

    I’m going to say it right off the bat, I was disappointed. I believe you will be too if you buy this liquid eyeshadow for what it’s marketed as (“glistening eye glow” it is not!). After watching countless swatches online, I decided to go for cub a rose gold shade.

    The lidstar shadows come in a gloss type of packaging, a tube with a doe foot applicator. It’s easy to pack and apply. Plus, I like the fact that the tube is transparent because you can easily see the color.

    The problem is that it’s not what I was expecting. When I bought it, I was looking for a sheer eyeshadow with a glowy creamy finish. By the way, the fact that this isn’t very pigmented is not a drawback to me because it’s clearly stated in the product description. It’s the finish that I don’t like.

    Glossier lidstar (cub)

    Now, upon application, it looks gorgeous and vibrant. But within a few minutes the eyeshadow sets and gets very dull. I tried to show the difference in the photo above but it dried out before I could take the picture! The last photo is a good representation of the final payoff. It’s like the few pigments that were there to begin with mostly disappear and we’re left with a bunch of pearls.

    Glossier lidstar (cub)

    I tried to layer it but it wasn’t easily buildable (it clung to the lid in some places leaving behind more pronounced patches of eyeshadow). The positive point, however, is that it lasts well throughout the day.

    So if you’re in the market for a sheer long-lasting liquid eyeshadow, you might like the lidstar range. Personally, I find it underwhelming. I’ll keep using it as a base shadow (as I did for my new year’s eve makeup) to finish it up. However, I won’t get any other shades because this isn’t what I’m looking for.

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