• Fun cardio workouts | Popsugar fitness

    I’ve recently rediscovered the Popsugar fitness YouTube channel and I am really enjoying the great variety of fun cardio workouts they offer.

    Cardio can sometimes become a bit boring and repetitive. So finding workouts that I enjoy doing is essential to me. The Popsugar fitness channel is great for that because you can find an extensive backlog of videos with varying lengths (10 to 45 minutes). So it’s flexible and you can adapt it to your schedule.

    What I find particularly interesting is the different workout styles you can find from cardio dance, barre, boxing, zumba, belly dancing… They also always include exercise modifications for different fitness levels which is great. 

    There’s a lot of videos to chose from. So here’s a selection of fun cardio workouts that I enjoy from Popsugar fitness :

    • 30-minute hip-hop Tabata (here)
    • 30-minute dance cardio workout (here)
    • 30-minute at-home cardio boxing and kickboxing workout (here)
    • 15-minute no-equipment at-home cardio workout (here)
    • 30-minute latin dance workout (here)

    Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

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