• Frank body – original coffee scrub

    You don’t read many body scrub reviews here. That’s because I’m a bit lazy when it comes to body care (although I’ve been more regular in my routines lately). For example, I’ve had this Frank body coffee scrub for a year now. Yes, it’s time for a review.

    Coffee scrubs like sheet masks and massage tools are ubiquitous nowadays. You see them everywhere on social media. Frank body was one of the first brands to make a coffee based scrub presented in a packet. They now offer various iterations of the product; I’ve tried the original version.

    Here, the exfoliation is provided by a mix of coffee grinds, sea salt and brown sugar. The formula is balanced by the addition of nourishing sweet almond oil. I like that the ingredient list is short and simple. The texture feels like moist soil (weird description I know) and it obviously has a gorgeous coffee scent.

    If I’m going to bother to use a physical scrub, I want there to be a lot of exfoliating particles. I don’t see the point when there are a few granules drowned in a lot of oil/cream; it just doesn’t work well and I’m always left disappointed. You don’t have this problem with the Frank body scrub since it’s almost like getting scrubbing granules neat. The interesting thing is that you can adjust the amount of exfoliation you get by using more or less product.

    Regarding the application process, it is rather straightforward. I scoop out a bit of the product and massage it on wet skin. However, I have to say that it is very messy: you get it all over the shower, the walls, the shower curtain and have to thoroughly rinse and clean everything afterwards. (You can’t be in a rush when you want to use it!) Also, I have a problem with the packaging. It’s hard to zip up the bag after using it as the product gathers in the lining. So you have to be careful to store it in a place where it won’t spill out easily.

    It is a very effective body scrub – my skin feels immediately smoother and softer when I use it. I find that there’s a nice balance between the scrubbing particules and sweet almond oil. I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase it though because of the mess it creates.

    It retails for 16€/200g. (The travel size retails for 9€/100g.)

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