• Hydrating serums | Which one to get?

    Hydrating serums are a staple in my skincare routine – I use them morning and night regardless of the actives applied afterwards. Today, I wanted to talk about my three favorite serums and explain what they are best suited for.

    The O.G.

    Four years ago I discovered the Jordan Samuel skin brand and I’ve never been without some of their products ever since. The hydrate facial serum is the first hydrating serum that truly worked for me. It has a watery gel texture that immediately plumps the skin. Including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, gluconolactone (a gentle PHA), vitamin C, peptides, plant extracts, it makes your skin feel bouncy and hydrated. I also find that it soothes the skin and reduces redness (this is why I’ve included it in my sensitized skin routine post).

    Best for : hydrating + soothing the skin.

    The multitasker

    A.Florence skincare has quickly become one of my favorite skincare brands. Their formulas and textures are just exquisite and the products perform extremely well. Their hydration booster serum is so much more than a hydrating serum. Including hyaluronic acid, peptides, glycerin, antioxidant plant extracts, a prebiotic complex and 4% niacinamide, it helps not only to hydrate the skin but also to smooth the texture and diminish hyperpigmentation. It has a filter like effect on my skin – my skin tone is more even and my texture is refined.

    Best for: hydrating + improving skin texture.

    The skin plumper

    The hydration boost concentrate is a more recent discovery for me. I’ve been impressed by the whole hydrating range from Josh Rosebrook.
    Including glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice, senna seed extract (botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid) and a complex of antioxidant and soothing plant extracts, the boost concentrate immediately relieves any tightness you might get from dehydrated skin and plumps the skin.

    Best for: hydrating + plumping the skin.

    As I want to include niacinamide in my daily routine, I often reach for the A. Florence skincare serum and use the other ones a few time a week, the hydrate serum from Jordan Samuel skin when my skin is irritated and the one from Josh Rosebrook when I need a serious hydration boost.

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