• Watch this! Facial massage routine


    Facial massage is such an important but often forgotten step for maintaining healthy skin.  It boosts blood circulation- flooding the skin with nutrients and oxygen- and enhances lymphatic circulation (which helps drain out toxins – great for healing blemishes quicker). It thus brings an immediate glow to the skin. Of course, it also relaxes your facial muscles (which contributes to delay the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin in the long term). I can especially feel this effect between my brows (yes, I’m a frowner).

    You can include facial massage during your skincare routine with a product that has some grip to it- for example with your oil/balm/cream cleansers (although I wouldn’t do it for my first cleanse otherwise I would feel like I was pushing all the gunk inside my pores) or your moisturizers/oils. It doesn’t have to be long either: you can do a full routine at night or a few times a week, or take a minute to do a quick massage everyday. Besides, it adds a welcome relaxing ritual to your day. I find it makes a great difference in how my skin looks when I take the time to do it.

    There are two main videos I come back to for uncomplicated techniques.

    First, the incredible makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is showing us a mix of various techniques she uses.

    Here, Into The Gloss has roped in the talented facialist and brand owner Alexandra Soveral to demonstrate a full step-by-step facial massage routine.

    If you’ve got other videos (or books) to recommend regarding this subject, I’m all ears!

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