• Dr. G green mild up + SPF 50+

    After a year-long search, breakouts upon breakouts, I can finally say that I have found my sunscreen!

    Ever since, my beloved Purito mineral sunscreen was discontinued (after the spf rating scandal), I’ve struggled to find a replacement. There are tons of good sunscreens on the market but my skin is very finicky and reacts to almost everything, but especially chemical filters. Now, that’s a shame because these are usually the more cosmetically elegant option (lighter texture, no white cast…).

    And so I have tried countless sunscreens but none would suit me, some being greasy, irritating my skin or making me break out. I have to thank Bonnie Garner and Odile Monod for finding this Korean beauty gem that is the Dr G green mild up sun + spf 50+ PA++++.

    This un-fragranced mineral spf 50 has a creamy texture that’s easy to massage into the skin, and most importantly, that sets to a satin finish after a few minutes. Skin doesn’t feel tacky or wet and so it’s easy to apply makeup over it.

    When you first massage it, the formula feels moisturizing but it’s not enough to skip moisturizer for me. There’s an initial light white cast that quickly disappears on my skin tone. From the reviews I’ve seen, it’s still visible on darker skin tones though.

    The formula contains silicones which help to spread and set the cream nicely. It also includes hydrating propanediol along with antioxidant & soothing ingredients (vitamin E, pycnogenol, centella asiatica, butterfly bush flower extract, houttunyia cordata extract).

    I don’t have anything bad to say about this product. It doesn’t irritate my skin or cause breakouts and is nice to use. If your skin tolerates chemical filters, you can find even better sunscreens with lighter textures, no white cast but in the mineral spf category this is a brilliant option. I constantly repurchase it.

    It retails for around 20$/50ml.


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